Initiative For Cars For Egyptians Abroad
Initiative For Cars For Egyptians Abroad

Initiative For Cars For Egyptians Abroad

The Egyptians Residing Abroad Initiative is an important opportunity for Egyptian expatriates to import cars with a significant reduction in customs and taxes. Here are the main points:

1. Eligibility:

Every resident outside Egypt who has a valid residency and is at least 16 years old can benefit from the initiative.
Each person can only import one car.
2. Reducing customs and taxes:

The initiative offers a 70% reduction in the value of customs and taxes on cars from all countries of the world.

3. Duration:

The initiative began in November 2022 and was extended in October 2023. The initiative will end three months after the extension date.

4. The role of Alkady Cars:

Alkady Cars is considered one of the leading companies that contribute to facilitating the import of cars for Egyptians residing abroad.
The company provides services such as vehicle testing, following up on the shipping process from the UAE to Egypt, and customs clearance.

5. Required documents:

Required documents include a stamped account statement of no less than 3 months and a receipt for payment of the deposit.
You must have a valid passport, valid residency, state resident ID, national ID card, a copy of the import approval, and a customs clearance power of attorney.

6. Duration of issuing approval:

The expected period for issuing import approval through the Egyptian Cars Abroad application ranges from 3 to 5 working days maximum.

7. Cars suitable for export:

Any type of car can be exported according to the initiative, but there are cars that are considered better for the Egyptian market in terms of value for price, including the Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage and others.
This information helps understand the initiative, how to benefit from it, and the steps related to importing cars. If you plan to benefit from the initiative, you should check the latest information and exact requirements from official sources or by dealing with recognized companies such as Alkady Cars.


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